I’M BACK – thousands of POD success stories

Hi again! So, it’s been a while since I updated this blog and my YouTube channel – 5 months to be specific, which is sad, but I’ve had some massive things going on in my life. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things now.

Passive Owl community growth
Firstly, I’m so proud to see such growth as I said in the video, especially thinking back to when I started the Passive Owl community. I really didn’t expect such interest, and I don’t want to let so many people down by seemingly abandoning what is such a great thing. 6.5k YouTube subs and growing!

Expensive POD gurus? Who needs ’em?
I see myself as offering an alternative to the people who are trying to sell you the winning strategy for POD. The key word there is “sell”. There are so many people now with the “secret” to earning thousands per month and they’ll give it to you for a price. I hope that I’ve proven that you don’t NEED to pay anything – you can do it for free with hard work and the resources I provide – namely the videos I’ve already uploaded and the Facebook community. You can learn everything these gurus will teach you for free, and you’ll be a better person for it.

Why I love POD for passive income
Now, the beauty of POD is that despite being quite inactive over the past 5 months, my earnings have continually INCREASED. It’s the snowball effect I’ve talked about. More sales lead to more sales, lead to more favourites, lead to more shares, lead to more sales. I keep saying this because it’s true: the work you put in now will pay for years to come, so if you’re just starting out and feel like you’re wasting your time, just think of this:

Time management – change your perspective
Spending an hour creating and uploading might feel like a waste because there’s no guaranteed payment, but that 1 hour of work could literally net you $1000’s over the years. You work an hour at your job, and you might get $7.25 (Is that really minimum wage in America? Wow), but invest an hour in your POD work, and you could get $725. Even if it takes 100 hours for you to make that $725, it’s still an effective use of your time. 100 x $7.25 = $725 – as long as you make $725 for your 100 hours work, you broke even, and those designs you made will still be there for years to come.

And believe me, if you invest 100 hours in your POD work, you will improve massively at what you do. I’m not saying quit your job and go full POD, I’m just saying learning and improving at POD is a valuable use of your time because your 1 hour of work can pay for years to come, whereas 1 hour invested in a day job pays for 1 hour.

I’ll leave it at that for now. I’m going to go investigate what’s going on with the latest software for POD. See you soon.

PS: If you want to contact me/ask a question/whatever, YouTube is the best place to do it. Post a comment and I’ll reply to you ASAP. I’ve got over 5,000 unread messages on here and most are spam so yours will be lost, unfortunately.

Passive income using bank accounts – £1000+ per year (UK)

This video demonstrates how you can use the money you’ve earned via Print On Demand (or just money you’ve saved) to generate passive income. At the very least, please educate yourself and ensure you aren’t losing money as a result of saving it – video explains why this might happen.

If you don’t know that POD is and just stumbled across this video as a conscientious saver, then please watch some of my others and all will be explained.


More links found in the video description.

Passive Income profits and taxes

People keep asking me to make a video about POD profits and taxes, so here it is. There is so much that I haven’t covered. Tax is a very intricate, complex, and boring subject. Your situation may not be the same as mine so do your research. Timecode for non-Brits: 6:37 – it goes British again from 14:00.

### Undeclared income – good info from HMRC:

### Self Assessment tool:

### HMRC Self Assessment enquiries:

### Register for Self Assessment:

### Halifax Clarity Card:

# Over £2500 profit – Register for Self Assessment – see link above
# Under £2500 profit – Report to HMRC manually – see link above

In terms of foreign income tax, you only list this on self assessment if you’ve already paid tax to a foreign country. HMRC will deduct the equivalent in GBP from your UK tax bill. If you use Redbubble and you’re from the UK, then you wont be paying tax to Australia/the US, so it’s not necessary to fill in that field. Your circumstances might be different to mine, so do your own research, of course.

When should you increase Redbubble profit margins?

Discussing profit margins on Redbubble again. If you’ve had some success on the platform and want to increase your margin without losing sales and alienating customers, this video will contain some useful information for you to consider. More info in video description.